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Hair Relaxer

Our specialists will apply our professional permanent relaxer while protecting your scalp throughout the whole process. Say goodbye to burned scalps and farewell to brittle hair.

 The  relaxer is a chemical process that breaks the bond of the hair to make it look smooth and straight.


In order to maintain your hair’s integrity, we absolutely recommend that a hair treatment is made immediately after your relaxer.


It is also possible that we suggest to cut your split ends after a service. Trimming your hair on a regular base (every 3 months) allows your hair to grow stronger, look thicker and healthier.

Leisure curls

The Leisure Curls hairdo is a cold process thio relaxer, that straightens the hair with controlled curls. 

 Easy to maintain, it is the ideal hairstyle for the modern women: busy with a beautiful hairstyle.

 It allows the hair to grow quickly because its maintenance is based on moisturizers that contain enough protein and nutrients to protect hair.



The Texturizing system (texturizer) uses the same type of process as the relaxer, but is a product with a reduced pH. It loosens tight curls making afro hair more manageable.

You can also adopt a straightened look while your hair has simply been texturized and not relaxed.



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