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You want to give a longer and/or more voluminous appearance to your hair? Or do you simply want to have  streaks without having to color your own natural hair?

Your new look will be so natural that you will be the only one to know that you have extension in your hair.

Wether you suffer from alopecia or hair loss, if you wish to have a beautiful completely closed sewn-in weave Black Beauty Salon is your the right place you! We'll give your weave a state-of-the-art closures. Our specialists will give you advice to maintain your extensions and the integrity of your hair and scalp. Black Beauty Salon is your one stop shop where you'll find Remy 100% Human hair extension, the perfect hand for your complete hair do and haircut.

Here are a few of our weave/extension installation techniques :

Braided sewn: (duration 8-10 weeks) Practiced in Africa for more than a century, sewn-in weaves are made with a braid protected by synthetic hair.  

Hot Fusion Extension:(duration 6 months)  Are made with Utip Keratine individual extensions. This technique is called hot fusion because the extensions are installed with a hot gun instrument.

Glued Extension 
(maximal duration 7 days) Practical for punctual events. They must be carefully removed to protect the hair.

Seemsless weave  (duration 4-8 weeks) This technique offers an extremely flat result that make the extension invisible. They are made with double sided tape extensions.

Clip Extensions: (daily installation) They are one of the fasts extension installation. However in order to protect the scalp, these extensions must be removed before bedtime.

Micro rings: (duration 10-12 weeks) Also offering a flat natural look, this type of extension  works well on thicker hair that should be elongate. They are single stands extensions.

Malaysian weave: (duration 3-8 months) Uses the micro rings technique but with rows extensions and thread.

Double Loop extension: (duration 3-6 months) Technique of the same family as the micro rings extension. Loops hold better on hair when they are doubled. Maintenance should be done in salon every 6-8 weeks.

Tree Braid weave: (duration 8-12 weeks) is a braid technique that gives the look of 
a weave.

Book your appointment today! Our specialists will suggest you the best technique for your type of hair!  We carry 100 % human remi hair, wigs, ponytails...



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