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Hair Smoothing

In this section, we shall handle diverse manners to naturally smooth your hair (Brazilian smoothing,  flat iron or hot comb smoothing).

You can consult the Chemical Processing tab in the 'Service' section for other types hair straightening (eg relaxer...).


The Brazilian Smoothing Keratin Treatment is the new way to naturally smooth your hair. The Brazilian smoothing system modifies the structure of the hair thanks to its amino acids and keratin cocktail. It is considered as being a treatment because it strengthens hair, restores their shine and vitality. It is a thermal process, so once the hair is heat activated (blow-dry), it takes 20 mn or less time to straighten your hair. 

Besides being great for our hair, the advantage of the Brazilian smoothing system is that it keeps the hair uncurled in spite of the rain and/or the humidity.

The 2 smoothing systems used at Black Beauty Coiffure do not contain a formaldehyde. Both products can be used on every type of hair

Arosci: Lasts between 10 to 12 . Wonderful formula for the children especially because it is less powerful than the smoothing system of Keraspa. 

Keraspa: Lasts between 16 in 24 weeks. It's strength is the cysteine which is added to it that makes hair much straighter than the Arosci system. 

  Smoothing in the flat iron ( or hot comb)
You need to  uncurl a regrowth our you've got natural frizzy hair and want to keep it uncurled for a short period (2-5 days)? It is possible, with the Edge professional iron comb you'll uncurl your roots without burning your scalp or skin.
You can purchase the Edge comb stick at Black Beauty or make an appointment today to have your hair professionally smoothed! 



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