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Hair Treatment

Although your hair's life is influenced by several external factors, enjoying strong, shiny and healthy hair is possible!

We  have professional deep conditioning  treatments that will strengthen and nourish your hair. Our professional hair treatments will help you grow your hair, stop hair losses and hair breakage.


We offer capillary analysis assisted with a digital camera. These analysis allow us to better diagnose your hair and pamper your hair with the correct treatment.


To optimize the efficiency of your treatments, when indicated your treatments are made with our special steaming treatment machine. Indeed, we provide you with the best tools and  methods in the industry.

Our various treatments cocktails include desquamations, anti-dandruff treatments, intense moisturizing treatments, anti-breakage, strengthening. 

We have many treating bulbs, specified shampoos and hair lotions specially designed to activate follicles. Do you want to have shiny, strong and healthy hair? If so, click on: book your appointment today!

Black Beauty Salon also has a store providing you with every products you need to style your hair and to maintain it healthy.

We will give your hair our royal treatments to make it strong and healthy, moisturized and shiny.




Please use our COMMENTS plug-in to put in your own, let us know your appreciation on the services you've received at Black Beauty (relaxer, keratin blow-out treatment...)