Welcome to our aesthetic section!

Our beautician and Eyelash Specialists offer personalized beauty treatments in a warm atmosphere. For a moment of relaxation after a long day or to start it off well, treat yourself to a relaxing massage! Accompanied by soft music and candles, you will have a good time and come out calm and relaxed!


Semi-permanent makeup is the result of implanting a pigment in the dermis using a dermograph and fine needles, on the same principle as a tattoo. The duration of semi-permanent makeup varies according to the type of skin, the speed of cell renewal in each individual, the pigments used and the depth of implantation. It generally stays in place between 2 years and 5 years. Semi-permanent makeup is perfect to avoid wasting time on makeup, or to sublimate part of your face or simply to look your best as soon as you wake up!

* Eyebrows: between $ 350 and $ 450 depending on the desired technique and determined during the consultation.

* Eyes, eyeliner and lashes: between $ 350 and $ 450 depending on the style and intensity desired.

* Lip blush: $ 450 Lip blush is a kind of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure performed by depositing pigments into your lips using small needles. It lasts about 2-3 years and does not prevent you from applying a lipstick of a different color.

* Beauty mark: $ 60 for the first and $ 25 for each additional mole



The lash lift is ideal for those who want to have the mascara effect at all times! The results lasts about 8 weeks! It gives you a natural makeup look as soon as you wake up!



Make-up is used to emphasize natural beauty, to accentuate certain features, to sculpt the face and to offer a healthy complexion!


  • Make up GRADUATION Bal – Salon Service 1 hour $ 60
  • Make up BAL FINISSANT / Make up GRADUATION Bal – Home service 1 hour $ 100
  • Complete make-up + MINI FACIAL and make up Package 1 h 25 minutes 120 $
  • Makeup / Soft Makeup look – COMPLETE makeup Make up 30 minutes $ 60
  • Makeup / Soft Makeup look – EYE makeup / EYES MAKE UP Makeup 1 hour $ 35
  • HALLOWEEN MAKEUP Make up – Service @ Salon / $ 80 h / 1 hour


Massage is ideal for relaxing, releasing pressure and feeling invigorated.
Facial massage accelerates blood micro-circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This ultimately helps to avoid part of the sagging skin. For a moment of pure relaxation and a relaxed and decongested face with a rejuvenated look, opt for the anti-aging facial massage!

  • Anti-aging facial massage: $ 50/30 min
  • Relaxation massage – back, arms, hands legs 1 hour $ 65.00
  • Back only 30 min 30 $


The aesthetic high frequency is a superb alternative to help sagging skin without having to resort to surgical facelifts. This modern process involves sending high frequency electromagnetic waves to the skin in order to tone it. This non-invasive technology significantly rejuvenates the face and body, and even eliminates acne and skin blemishes.


Eyelash Extension:
Classic technique
Russian technique filling
From $ 80


From $ 80

From 30$