Extensions allow you to change the look of your hair while maintaining its natural look. They can be used to add length and / or volume, change the color of your hair or even hide hair loss (alopecia). Although more popular with women, more and more men are turning to extension services to modify their look.

When properly installed and well maintained, extensions do not damage hair. We recommend putting them on healthy hair, but otherwise a consultation will determine your options and choose the appropriate technique for your desired new look.

Here are some of our extension techniques .

Temporary extensions

  • Glued extensions

    (maximum duration 7 days) Technique performed with hair glue, ideal for one-off events.

    From $ 15

  • Clip-on extensions

    (maximum duration 7 days) Ideal technique for events, but they must be removed before going to bed with them.

    From $ 30

Permanent extensions

  • Sewn-in

    (duration 8-10 weeks): Technique of wefts sewn on thin braids. Our experienced hairdressers will put them on you without pain

    From $ 25

  • Double band Tape extension

    (duration 6-12 weeks)
    Made with sticky, undetectable vegetable strips. Ideal technique for fine hair.

    From $ 150

  • Micro-Ring extensions

    (duration 16-24 weeks) This style also offers a flat look and is the perfect service for thick hair. The extensions are reassembled to refresh the installation around every 6-8 weeks.

    From $ 2.50 / piece

  • Malaysian technique

    (duration 3 to 5 months). Installation similar to the ring extension technique but made with weft extensions and string.

    125 $ -180 $

Our specialists will offer you the best technique for your hair type while respecting your budget.

We offer high quality human hair extensions and great synthetic hair quality.

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