Natural hair


​André Walker’s hair type classification system categorizes them according to the degree of curls in the hair. Thus we find:

  1. Straight hair can be thin to thick and doesn’t curl easily
  2. Wavy hair can be thin or thick with or without frizz: 2a, 2b, 2c
  3. Curly hair ranges from evasive curls to corkscrew-shaped curls: 3a, 3b
  4. Kinky hair is the type whose curls are very tightly crimped to the curls

Services on natural hair

Bantu Knots and Twist out

From $ 65
Technique for defining controlled curls. Part of protective hairstyles that can last between 1 to 2 weeks.


Nappy Updo Hairstyle

From $ 90
Are you attending an event? (marriage, baptism)? No need to straighten your hair to shine!
We will help you determine the possibilities available to you!

Wash & styling

From $ 55
This service consists of washing your beautiful Nappy hair with a cocktail of moisturizers, drying them and styling them either by optimizing your curls or by temporarily unbuckling them.


Wash N ‘Go

From $ 65
Nappy wash with moisturizers. Definition and enhancement of natural curls. The Wash N ‘Go can last between 1-2 weeks. All our washes are accompanied by relaxing hair massages.

Silk Press and hot iron smoothing

From $ 65

Temporary straightening technique for natural hair ranging from 2-10 days. Other complementary techniques: straightening comb, flat iron. The silk out (silk press) is a combined service that gives your hair a relaxed look for 2-3 weeks.